Contractors Want to Book Your Rentals Online

Create your own WebStore and enable online, touch-free bookings with your customers.

Mobile friendy Web Store powered by DOZR

Mobile friendly WebStore

Create Your Own WebStore

Replace the rate card on your website with a fully customizable and dynamic WebStore. Display your fleet online and change your rates on-the-fly. Customize branding with your logo, colors, and branch information. Don’t have a website? Your Web Store can stand on its own as your website.

Receive Touch-Free, Online Bookings

Give your customers the ability to transact online. WebStores have full e-commerce capabilities including online checkout with credit card payments, customer verification, preferred rates, and credit account handling.

Full e-commerce checkout

Full e-commerce checkout

DOZR Order Manager Tablet used to accept equipment rental orders

OrderManager Tablet

Your Rental Counter Is in Control

Approve or decline incoming orders using the OrderManager Tablet at your rental counter. With the customer information provided you can offer similar machines if the one requested is not available. You maintain control of the customer and make the final say on booking or declining orders.

Touch-Free, Paperless Rentals

Automatically collect contracts, payments and customer data at the time of booking. Set your existing customers up with an account so they can access custom pricing and payment terms when they place their orders online.

Customer list on DOZR SupplierHub

Customer list in DOZR SupplierHub

Equipment Inventory in DOZR Supplier Hub

Equipment Inventory in DOZR SupplierHub

Easy Set Up

You can have a WebStore set up overnight. Sign up today, start booking rentals online tomorrow. A complete inventory of equipment with rates can be created in minutes.

It’s a No-Brainer...

Minimal cost and up-front time investment

Plug in to your current website, or use as your main website if you don’t have one

Handle preferred rates and credit with existing customers

Works with your existing operations & systems

All WebStores are search engine optimized, maximizing your online visibility and reach

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